How much water is your sprinkler system using?

Don’t wait if you need a sprinkler repair. If your sprinkler system needs a sprinkler repair your lawn may have dry, brown or yellow spots. If your sprinkler timer needs programmed your plants will droop and not grow. If you have low water pressure you are not receiving the proper water coverage. If you are watering your lawn with a hose then it is time to have your sprinkler system evaluated and possibly updated. Your plants need water to survive. Accurate watering is essential to having a green and healthy lawn. Only a properly designed sprinkler system in excellent repair can give you a healthy lawn. The Orlando area has had lots of rain thanks to our last tropical depression. Just remember too much water can be just as harmful as not enough water.

Here are a few tips to determine if you sprinkler system is doing its job. If your irrigation system is working properly you will not have to rely on Mother Nature.

  • Figure how much water your grass needs. The general rule is one inch of water per week. Different amounts of water is required depending on your plants, type of grass and soil.
  • Estimate your watering. To determine how much water you’re lawn is getting place empty cans around your yard. Turn on your sprinkler system for 20 minutes. Measure the depth of water in each can and calculate the average.
  • Only water when needed. Don’t water your grass if an inch of rain or more is predicted. Too much water can cause problems also.
  • Set your automatic sprinklers for the proper time. Water in the early morning or early evening. Early morning watering is the best time to water.
  • Choose watering frequency. Know your soil type to determine how often you should water.
  • Check the grade of your lawn. You don’t want your water to run off. You want it to be absorbed.
  • Conserve by using rain barrels. What a great way to save on your water bill and water.


This morning my wife showed me a great example of what a small amount of water can add to the life of a plant. First, let me share that my wife loves Facebook. She stays in contact with her friends from all over the world on a daily basis. Her Ohio friends are farmers and homeowners. They have been suffering through a long drought. Today she called me over to her laptop to look at two pictures that her Ohio friend had posted. One was a picture taken last Thursday of her friend’s corn field full of what appeared to be brown, crispy, dying corn. This farmer had done everything to the best of his ability to ensure a healthy crop; the rest was up to Mother Nature. By the looks of Thursday’s photo Mother Nature wasn’t doing her part. Sometimes it is difficult for us to realize what obstacles are occurring in other parts of the world. The next picture I looked at was of the same corn field taken on Saturday. The Zeigler’s corn field turned green because in one day they were lucky enough to receive just .7 of an inch of rain! These pictures just show how much a little water can make a difference in the life of your plants and lawn.

Constant watering is needed for healthy crops and a healthy lawn. In the Orlando area we have lots of sand in our soil. Florida lawns require special watering needs because of the consistency of our soil and water evaporation. Your automatic sprinkler system can provide you with the correct amount of water for your lawn and plants. We offer you a  Sprinkler System Inspection.

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