Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

Most sprinkler systems need repair or maintenance at least twice a year.  Irrigation systems need to be checked periodically for several reasons.  If you have a lawn maintenance company it is almost guaranteed they have run over some of your sprinkler heads, you may even have broken heads that they didn’t know they broke.  We all love our children and grandchildren but when they play in the yard or ride their toys there is a high chance that they will move, nudge, or push a sprinkler head.  The slightest  nudge can cause some damage to a sprinkler system even if the head isn’t popped up.  Just because it is “underground” doesn’t mean it can’t move.

We offer a Monthly Sprinkler Maintenance Program that safe guards you from costly repairs on you sprinkler system.  Our customers rely on us to keep their sprinkler systems in working order.  With over 24000 customers and more than 40 years in the irrigation business we know how to repair and maintain sprinkler systems. We repair and maintain sprinkler system in the following communities; Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Clermont, Gotha, Orlando, Longwood, Maitland, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Windermere, Ocoee, Bay Hill, Sweetwater, and Keene’s Point

First we must inspect and test your sprinkler system to make sure everything is operating properly.

Our Sprinkler System Monthly Maintenance program includes but is not limited to the following;

  • check all sprinkler heads to make sure they are working properly.  Even a slight malfunction will cause dry spots in your lawn and unhealthy plants. 
  • check for leaks in the lines.  
  • check for proper head alignment. They can shift by a slight touch with feet or lawnmowers.
  • check for nozzles and heads for breakage and warped patterns.
  • adjust and align all heads for optimum coverage.  Making sure no water is being wasted on sidewalks, driveways, your home, patios, and the street.  Tilted heads  or heads that don’t pop up properly will cause dry spots.  Heads should be raised a couple times (sometimes more) a year to ensure they are keeping above the grass.
  • program the controller for proper watering times.  The slightest power surge can cause havoc with some sprinkler controller.  As the seasons change so does the need of water to your various plants and lawn.
  • Checking sensitive micro irrigation zones and emitters.
  • We are trained to determine and calibrate the water to your different plants and grass.

Ask us for a Sprinkler System Inspection. Our Sprinkler System Monthly Maintenance program is specially designed for the residential homeowner. Start saving time, water and money today.

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