It’s time for your sprinkler system Spring Inspection. Get your sprinkler repair today!

Schedule your Spring Sprinkler System Inspection now.

I walked outside and the weather is terrific.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue with not a cloud in sky, and there is even a slight breeze.  Feels like Spring is here.  I took a walk around the yard front and back.  The grass is not doing so well.  Looks like the freeze has taken its toll.  The flowers are trying to come out but they might need some water and fertilizer.  So next I decide to turn on the sprinkler system, after all, these plants need some irrigation.  When I try to turn the controller on, the first zone doesn’t come on.  The second zone has very low pressure and I can’t find all the heads.  The third zone is spraying everything but the grass! I take a closer look and my house is getting hit with water which could cause a bigger problem later on.  My fourth zone has some broken heads and  there is even a small gusher… cute but it’s not suppose to be there.  Our 5th zone, well, I can’t even find it!  I think I may need to add another zone to water the new planting bed we are adding in the back corner.  My neighbor said their water bill has really been high and they are thinking about either adding a separate irrigation meter or using the water from lake which is a great idea maybe I’ll look into that idea, also.  I was thinking about using my spare time to repair my sprinkler system but I think I could use my free time doing something more challenging like playing golf or going boating.  I’m going to call the sprinkler repair experts, A Action Sprinkler Repair at 407-774-6648.  A Action Sprinkler Repair will give me a Spring Inspection and all their sprinkler repairs are guaranteed, plus they have over 40 years experience!  Not only that but they actually show up for their set appointments.  I think I might even sign up for their monthly sprinkler maintenance program.  Ah, Spring , I love this Florida weather and all the beautiful plants and flowers…. and golf.

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Dry Spots?

You need a Sprinkler Repair 407-774-6648

If your grass has dry spots you probably need a sprinkler repair. Sprinkler Repair Bad grass lack of water 3

And, well, quite honestly you probably think you can repair a sprinkler head, but, maybe, just maybe, your sprinkler system may have bigger problems.  It could be in the underground wiring or in the lateral lines. We know how to troubleshoot your irrigation problems. If your sprinkler timer isn’t coming on buying a new timer isn’t always the answer. If you have 3 or more sprinkler heads that need repaired on 2 or more zones, well, that can be a big hassle in this Florida heat! Really, isn’t it time you called in the professionals, A Action Sprinkler Repair?

Do you really want to spend your free time out there digging in your yard and repairing sprinkler heads? What is causing your sprinkler problem?  Is it a sprinkler head?  An irrigation valve? Maybe your timer isn’t connecting. Why aren’t you getting enough water? What about when you dig the head up and finally take it off, are you prepared to screw it on or glue it on?  Did the head really need to be replaced or adjusted?  When you go to buy a new head, are you getting the correct sprinkler head? Do you have the proper tools to adjust the spray?  Home Depot and Lowe’s are great hardware stores but they cannot give you all the knowledge and service you need in order to troubleshoot and repair your sprinkler system. That is why we have been around for over 43 years… we have that irrigation knowledge and give you the full service you need.

And how about when you aren’t getting any water to come up in a specific area? Yep, that is a bit more difficult to diagnose.   Now you have hidden wires involved and lost valves.  We have the equipment to locate those broken wires.  We have the most up to date equipment to find those lost valves without tearing up your yard.  When we finish locating your valves and doing our repair you won’t even notice where we dug.

A Action Sprinkler Repair boys ingrassDo you have a pump connected to a lake or well? We have been repairing and replacing pumps for many years.  If your problem is connected to your sprinkler system, we can fix it.

Technology is changing fast and not just in cell phones and computers. Sprinkler systems have become digital and high tech, easier to control with the weather changes, easier for you to control the water distribution from anywhere in the world. Find where your problem areas are in your lawn and plants before everything is dead. Controllers can now monitor the weather and adjust the water distribution to your landscape. Ask us about the new digital online controllers.  It may be the best investment for your lawn and landscape.

Sprinkler systems are almost a must have in this climate and sorry to say they do need repairs and updates. When you have tried it yourself or had your neighbor or lawn guy try to fix it, with no luck, then it is probably time to call in the professionals.  Plus all of our work is guaranteed!!  No matter where you live… Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Bay Hill, Gotha, Longwood, Maitland, Ocoee, Windermere, Winter Garden, Winter Park, or Orlando, we will happily service all your sprinkler repair problems.

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Drainage problem? A French drain may be the answer.

CIMG3034A French drain is more than rocks and gravel.  AAction Sprinkler Repair is Central Florida’s expert in French drain install and revamps. Does your lawn have soggy areas? In the Orlando area it seems like our problems are either too much water or not enough water.  AAction Sprinkler has the answer for both of those issues.  A properly installed and maintained irrigation system will distribute the correct amount of water to your plants and yard all year round.  If there are problems with water seeping into your foundation and damaging your house, you may consider installing a French drain around the house. This is a big job. A French drain is an efficient answer to drainage issues if they are installed professionally. All the water falling from your roof would be instantly absorbed by the drain. You may even have an extension running along your driveway if needed.  Rain guttersdrainage mushrooms  also help to divert excessive water from the foundation of your home.

When our weather conditions change and we experience massive amounts of rain your sprinkler should do less watering.  Are you finding standing water between you and your neighbors house?  Are there puddles in your yard?  Is water seeping around the sidewalks and drive way?  With torrential rains most of the yards in Central Florida will become saturated and water will flood your yards.  Drainage is a huge problem when the rainy season arrives or when your sprinkler system isn’t calibrated. Our drainage professionals at AAction Sprinkler Repair know how to divert excess water so your yard will have proper drainage. There are various types of drainage

A professionally installed French drain can save you money and headaches.  In our heavy rains the water is never immediately absorbed by our ground. Rain can form a cover that will make the soil less absorbent. Sod roots reduce the soils absorption rate causing puddles to form. Be on the lookout for mushrooms in low lying areas of your yard.  This is a sure sign of drainage issues.

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Need a Sprinkler Repair? Want more free time?

We know you do not like, or enjoy, doing sprinkler repair to your irrigation system.  Sprinkler repair is not a fun job.  It takes up a lot of your free time, especially on the weekends.  But, dang it, sometimes that sprinkler system needs a repair.  We know you are good at your day job and you like to have a nice green lawn with healthy plants.

Enjoy and relax in your yard

We repair sprinkler systems and we know we are the professionals at repairing sprinkler systems.  We know how to fix your sprinkler system to keep your lawn nice and green and to make sure your plants stay healthy.  Why get frustrated?

It is time for you to call the experts at AAction Sprinkler Repair.  We will give you a sprinkler repair estimate and you can enjoy more free time.

We presently service over 25000 residential customers in these areas Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Clermont, Bay Hill, Gotha, Longwood,  Orlando, Summerport, Windermere, Winter Garden, Sweetwater, Winter Park, Ocoee, and many more.

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How much water is your sprinkler system using?

Don’t wait if you need a sprinkler repair. If your sprinkler system needs a sprinkler repair your lawn may have dry, brown or yellow spots. If your sprinkler timer needs programmed your plants will droop and not grow. If you have low water pressure you are not receiving the proper water coverage. If you are watering your lawn with a hose then it is time to have your sprinkler system evaluated and possibly updated. Your plants need water to survive. Accurate watering is essential to having a green and healthy lawn. Only a properly designed sprinkler system in excellent repair can give you a healthy lawn. The Orlando area has had lots of rain thanks to tropical depression “Debbie”. Just remember too much water can be just as harmful as not enough water.

Here are a few tips to determine if you sprinkler system is doing its job. If your irrigation system is working properly you will not have to rely on Mother Nature.

  • Figure how much water your grass needs. The general rule is one inch of water per week. Different amounts of water is required depending on your plants, type of grass and soil.
  • Estimate your watering. To determine how much water you’re lawn is getting place empty cans around your yard. Turn on your sprinkler system for 20 minutes. Measure the depth of water in each can and calculate the average.
  • Only water when needed. Don’t water your grass if an inch of rain or more is predicted. Too much water can cause problems also.
  • Set your automatic sprinklers for the proper time. Water in the early morning or early evening. Early morning watering is the best time to water.
  • Choose watering frequency. Know your soil type to determine how often you should water.
  • Check the grade of your lawn. You don’t want your water to run off. You want it to be absorbed.
  • Conserve by using rain barrels. What a great way to save on your water bill and water.


This morning my wife showed me a great example of what a small amount of water can add to the life of a plant. First, let me share that my wife loves Facebook. She stays in contact with her friends from all over the world on a daily basis. Her Ohio friends are farmers and homeowners. They have been suffering through a long drought. Today she called me over to her laptop to look at two pictures that her Ohio friend had posted. One was a picture taken last Thursday of her friend’s corn field full of what appeared to be brown, crispy, dying corn. This farmer had done everything to the best of his ability to ensure a healthy crop; the rest was up to Mother Nature. By the looks of Thursday’s photo Mother Nature wasn’t doing her part. Sometimes it is difficult for us to realize what obstacles are occurring in other parts of the world. The next picture I looked at was of the same corn field taken on Saturday. The Zeigler’s corn field turned green because in one day they were lucky enough to receive just .7 of an inch of rain! These pictures just show how much a little water can make a difference in the life of your plants and lawn.

Constant watering is needed for healthy crops and a healthy lawn. In the Orlando area we have lots of sand in our soil. Florida lawns require special watering needs because of the consistency of our soil and water evaporation. Your automatic sprinkler system can provide you with the correct amount of water for your lawn and plants. We offer you a  Sprinkler System Inspection.

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Action Sprinkler Repair – We repair broken heads, timers, find leaks, fix valve, pumps – all Sprinkler Repairs

“I need sprinkler repair now!”  I tried to fix the broken head and can’t.”  “My lawn man said he’d fix the valve but it’s still not right.”  “I’m too busy to dig in the ground.” “I cut a wire and I need it fixed.”  “I have dry spots in my yard.”  “My sprinkler system won’t turn off.”   “I thought I could fix the leaks, but I can’t.”  “My water pressure is low.”  “My house is getting wet.”  “My timer isn’t working.”

Stop NOW and Call 407-774-6648 or fill in the Estimate Request on the right, either way you get fast service!  “My water bill is way too high.”   “I think we need a shallow well.”  “Can you repair my sprinkler system?”    “I can’t find my sprinkler heads.”  “We just bought this house and the sprinkler system needs fixed.”  sprinklerpics06, sprinkler repair,We at AAction Sprinkler Repair hear these sprinkler problems, and more, everyday!

We are in the Orlando area fixing, repairing and upgrading residential sprinkler systems every day.  We have been maintaining and repairing residential sprinkler systems for over 43 years.  We have over 25000 sprinkler system customers in Bay Hill, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Baldwin Park, Bay Hill, Dr. Phillips, Clermont, College Park, Gotha, Longwood, Maitland, Ocoee, Apopka, Windermere, Winter Garden, Winter Park  and other areas in Seminole, Orange and Lake counties.

We pride ourselves in being organized and dependable with old time work ethics… we do what you want, when you want it, at a price that you agree upon.  Nice and easy.  Our sprinkler technicians are trained and with that training comes years of sprinkler repair experience.  Our techs repair and fix your sprinkler problems… they do not sell and are not paid on commission.

We are a small company but we cover a lot of territory and have over 25000 customers which, actually, gives us the distinction of the largest residential sprinkler repair company in the Orlando area.

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We can repair all your sprinkler system problems

Looking for simple and reliable sprinkler repair then call 407-774-6648 or fill in the Estimate Request form Fast service either way!  That is what A Action Sprinkler Repair is all about.  We have more than 43 years in the landscape irrigation construction and sprinkler repair business.  We guarantee our sprinkler work on our irrigation and sprinkler repairs.We offer our customers Sprinkler System Service Calls and Sprinkler Repair Estimates.  We do not charge our sprinkler repair customers an extra charge for week-end calls.  We don’t have hidden charges like travel charges, after hour fees, or distance charges. We examine your problem and give you a price to fix it.  Regardless how long it take us to do the actual repair you only pay the price you were quoted.  We don’t charge by the hour… what happens if you get a “slow” technician?   You don’t want to get stuck in that trap.  We do sprinkler system service and sprinkler repair for over 25000 residential customers in the Orlando area.  Our sprinkler repair service area includes, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Windermere, Gotha, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Bay Hill, Ocoee, Maitland, Longwood, and Orlando. If you need to find your valves, we can do it.  Have a leak?  We can find it and fix it.  Need a shallow well?  We can dig it.  Have a pump problem?  We repair pumps.  Not getting good coverage?  We can remedy that problem.  With our expert staff and technicians we can handle all your sprinkler system problems.  We are fast and darn near perfect!   Get your Sprinkler System Repair Estimate now.

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Let us inspect your sprinkler system. We repair sprinkler problems

There are a lot of sprinkler system problems in the Orlando area that are actually caused by the  company that installed the initial system. Yes, the company that put in your sprinklers!  They don’t cover your warranty problems, they don’t return your calls and they don’t show up because they bid the job too cheap and usually don’t stay around very long. So this leaves you with a sprinkler system that isn’t working properly.  If you are having this problem with your current sprinkler company you need to try AAction Sprinkler Repair. Call us 407-774-6648 or click the big orange circle to fill in the Estimate Request for now!  We offer a Sprinkler System Inspection to determine the extent of the work involved.  AAction Sprinkler has been in the irrigation business for over 40 years. We currently are serving over 24000 residential sprinkler customers.

Get the sprinkler system inspected!  AAction Sprinkler Repair provides inspections of residential sprinkler systems and irrigation equipment for those looking to buy a used home or that have already bought a home with an existing sprinkler system. Often when somebody is looking to purchase a home they are unaware of the high costs involved in repairing and retrofitting and existing sprinkler system.  Fill in the Sprinkler Repair Estimate for your Sprinkler System Estimate. We will be able to give you estimates on the repairs or a complete sprinkler system revamp.
AAction Sprinkler Repair has been providing high quality sprinkler system repairs, maintenance and inspections in the Orlando area including Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Winter Garden, Ocoee, Windermere, Winter Park, Maitland and Longwood  for many years. Through strong knowledge of the industry, an unrivaled drive for perfection and an extreme dedication to client satisfaction we have built a reputation as reliable, honorable and professional residential irrigation company. Trust your sprinkler system needs to the experts. Don’t be “stuck” by poor workmanship and a sprinkler system that was poorly designed.  Get AAction Sprinkler Repair to get your system up and running today!

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Sprinkler Repair Problems Fixed

“My sprinkler system won’t turn off.”   “My water pressure is low.”  “My house is getting wet.”  “My timer isn’t working.”  “My water bill is way too high.”   “Can you repair my sprinkler system?”    “I can’t find my sprinkler heads.”  “We just bought this house and the sprinkler system needs fixed.”

We at AAction Sprinkler Repair hear these sprinkler problems, and more, everyday!  We are out there in the Orlando area fixing, repairing and upgrading residential sprinkler systems every day.  We have been maintaining and repairing residential sprinkler systems for over 40 years.  We have over 24000 sprinkler system customers in Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Bay Hill, Clermont, College Park, Gotha, Longwood, Maitland, Ocoee, Windermere, Winter Garden, Winter Park  and other areas in Seminole, Orange and Lake counties.

We pride ourselves in being organized and dependable with old time work ethics… we do what you want, when you want it, at a price that you agree upon.  Nice and easy.  Our sprinkler technicians are trained and with that training comes years of sprinkler repair experience.  Our techs repair and fix your sprinkler problems… they do not sell and are not paid on commission.

We are a small company but we cover a lot of territory and have over 24000 customers which, actually, gives us the distinction of the largest residential sprinkler repair company in the Orlando area.

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It’s dry in Orlando and your sprinkler system may need a repair…

Having a sprinkler system that works makes everything in your yard more beautiful.  In the Orlando area we haven’t had enough rain to keep our flowers and lawns healthy.  Your lawn and landscape need a sprinkler irrigation system that is in proper working condition.  The sprinkler heads need to be pointing in the correct direction at the correct level with the correct amount of water being distributed to your plants, lawn and shrubs.  You do not need to be watering your driveway, sidewalks, and house.  If you have dry spots then something needs to be fixed.  If you have dollar weed or too much water in an area then something needs to be repaired.  If you have an unexpected fountain you need sprinkler repair fast.  If your water bill has been high you need AAction Sprinkler Repair to come out and give you a free sprinkler evaluation and a free sprinkler repair estimate.   The Orlando area has beautful landscaping… it’s not all natural, it doesn’t just happen.  Your landscaping and lawns need water to stay healthy and they need to be irrigated all year.  AAction Sprinkler Repair has over 24000 residential customers in the Orlando area.  We have been making happy customers in the following areas for over 40 years… Bay Hill, College Park, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Windermere, Winter Garden, Ocoee, Gotha, Longwood, and Maitland… it may sound like a cliche but we are probably near your neighborhood today.

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Need a sprinkler system repair on your Rain Bird, Orbit, or other brand? We can help…

We specialize in irrigation and sprinkler system repair in the Orlando area.  We repair all sprinkler system brands, including Rain Bird, Orbit, Toro, Water Whiz, Weathermatic, Irritrol, Nelson, FEBCO, Sta-Rite, Hunter and others! We have been making happy customers for over 40 years.  We repair and service sprinkler systems in the following neighborhoods Apopka, Bay Hill, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Gotha, Fern Park, Windermere, Winter Garden, Winter Park, College Park, Maitland, Ocoee, and Clermont plus areas in between.

Needs water. Poor sprinkler system design.

Needs water. Poor sprinkler system design.

We are equipped to repair, replace, and revamp complete residential sprinkler systems.  Leaks, gushers, controllers, timers, valves, and pipe breaks are some of the sprinkler problems we handle on a daily basis. Don’t waste your time trying to fix your sprinkler system… get the pro’s… AAction Sprinkler Repair.  Fill in  FREE Sprinkler Repair Estimate form then sit back and relax.

If your yard is too dry we can make it better,  If your flowers aren’t getting enough water.  We know how to fix the problem.  If an area is getting too much water that is a problem we can change.  We know how to fix gushers, underground leaks, broken heads, and timers that aren’t working.  Sprinkler repair is what we do all day long.  We are the sprinkler repair experts.  Call 407-774-6648 or fill in the Sprinkler Estimate form!

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Irrigation Wells, Pumps, Leaks… we have the techs to fix that…

By using A Action Sprinkler Repair you don’t need to call another company for the well or pump problems you might be experiencing we are trained  to handle your well and pump problems as well.  Having too much water?  High water bills? Discoloring on your house, driveway and sidewalk?  A Action Sprinkler has been in the irrigation and sprinkler repair business for over 40 years. We have the most knowledgeable sprinkler techs in the Orlando area.watersprinkler Our irrigation sprinkler repair team is here to service you. They are not paid on commission and they have no daily quota! Their objective is to make you happy and do the work requested. Our techs are trained to make your sprinkler system work the way you want it to work! A Action Sprinkler Repair is fast and efficient… we get in and get the job done! Not only do we know how to fix sprinkler systems but we specialize is making customers happy! A Action Sprinkler Repair services homeowners exclusively… the homeowner is our main focus. We work on a set schedule so no one is left waiting. Sometimes we do encounter unforeseen problems or chatting people in this case we will call and keep you abreast to our schedule.   A Action Sprinkler Repair has over 24000 residential customers making us the largest residential sprinkler repair company in the Orlando area.  A Action Sprinkler Repair knows sprinkler systems.  Are there small fountains in your yard? Do you have ridges in your lawn?  We’d like to get to know your sprinkler system today. Get your free sprinkler system estimate now.

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Drainage in Central Florida needs help…

Sprinkler leak or drainage problem?

Whether it is from a leak in your sprinkler system or from the sky, there is water, water everywhere.  Too much water is not a good thing.  You do not want that water to stand in your yard and to ruin your grass, plants, and possibly your home.  Standing water and/or too much water can cause damage to your grass.  Fungus will grow and mosquitoes will breed these are two of the most common problems caused by too much water.  This is why it is very important to keep you irrigation in tip top condition and on a proper watering cycle.  If your sprinkler system is running during these torrential rain falls you need a rain sensor.  Do you still have water ruining your landscape with washout and standing water?  This is when you need a drainage expert.  You need to know how to keep that water from puddling and to place or disperse the water most advantageously.   We have solved drainage and flooding problems for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Shell Oil, Department of Defense, apartment developments, playgrounds and more residential homes than we can count!  With over 40 years in the irrigation and residential sprinkler repair business we have the knowledge to handle your drainage problems and all of your irrigation repairs.  We are around the corner and are trained to handle all your water difficulties. Click on the page for your Free Estimate and Evaluation.

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Saving the planet one sprinkler head at a time…



First began in 1972 as a commercial landscape and irrigation company… nationwide. After much research AAction Sprinkler Repair settled into the sprinkler repair business focusing on the metro Orlando residential market.  AAction Sprinkler Repair offers the residential sprinkler owner quick and professional sprinkler repair.  With the need for a more efficient watering technique and more advanced sprinkler systems AAction Sprinkler Repair has seen a tremendous call for water wells and lake connections.  In the last year water bills in the Orlando area have sky rocketed to new heights resulting in the necessity for residential sprinkler wells and the use of lake water.   Stringent water restrictions have also added to the residential irrigation dilemma for the homeowners.  AAction Sprinkler Repair offers free sprinkler system evaluations to help the homeowner determine what is the most efficient watering method for their plants and lawn.  If we see that other sprinkler system issues need to be addressed we will point them out during the free sprinkler evaluation.  We want the homeowner to understand everything about their sprinkler system and what can be done to rectify the sprinkler problems.   We are trying to save our planet and conserve on water one sprinkler head at a time.

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Evening showers aren’t enough


Maybe you need a professional sprinkler repair company.    A Action Sprinkler Repair is the professional irrigation repair company in the Orlando area. Get us now either call 407-774-6648 or fill in the request form.

Is your home landscaping looking dry?  Could it be the lack of rain?  Evening showers just aren’t enough.  Could it be your sprinkler system?  The design and function of landscaping and beautiful lawns depends on temperature, sun, fertilizer, and water.  The past months have brought us plenty of sun and warm weather.  The lawn maintenance people and fertilizer companies have brought us the fertilizer but lack the skills to evaluate and repair your sprinkler system properly.

Lawns and plants are suffering throughout the Orlando area.  Take a look at your sprinkler system.  Water restrictions and putting off much needed sprinkler repair has taken its toll.  To the homeowner sprinkler repair means turning on the sprinkler system to see why those brown dry areas exist.  They tweak a few heads or maybe even add a few heads to the sprinkler system only to find that wasn’t enough.  They need a sprinkler system professional to evaluate the condition of their sprinkler system and their landscaping.  Here at A Action Sprinkler Repair our phones have been working overtime as new people have been calling in.  They are asking to schedule a sprinkler repair.  We are making the appointments and getting the sprinkler repair done. A Action Sprinkler Repair is taking care of their watering needs.

A Action Sprinkler Repair is getting those new calls because the new customers know that help is on the way. Our Sprinkler Repair Estimate program provides the experience to make those sprinkler and landscaping problems go away.

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We solve your Sprinkler Repair problems

AAction Sprinkler Repair has the answers to all your sprinkler repair and problems.    You have an irrigation system.  Your neighbor has an irrigation system.  You brother has an irrigation but no two landscapes are alike and no one has a sprinkler system exactly like yours. Their sprinkler problems are not the same as your sprinkler problems.   We have been in the sprinkler business longer than any other in the Orlando area.  With over 43 years experience in the business we have a lot of repair knowledge.  And we only service you, the homeowner!  We do not do commercial jobs or HOAs.  The homeowner is our only priority!  AAction Sprinkler Repair has the most knowledge, is the best trained with all types of sprinkler systems and sprinkler repair in the Orlando area. Whatever sprinkler problems you encounter you can be assured AAction Sprinkler Repair has an efficient, hassle-free solution.

PROBLEM: Watering Smaller Yards . Smaller areas can be difficult to water, often sprinklers end up watering sidewalks, driveways or spraying against the house or garage.  AAction Sprinkler Suggestions: Water distribution should be the main issue, align heads, and implement ground watering.

PROBLEM: Variations in Exposure to the Sun. Over- or under-watering often results because not every part of your yard and garden requires the same amount of moisture due to exposure to the sun.   AAction Sprinkler Suggestions: A professional redesign, reposition, and proper controller programming will eliminate these problems.

PROBLEM: Corners, Odd Shapes or Strips. Often it is hard to get complete and adequate coverage in these hard to reach areas, leaving some areas over-watered and others under-watered.  AAction Sprinkler Suggestions: Change angle of sprinkler heads, add a drip system, water controlled sprinkler heads.

PROBLEM: Sprinklers Turn On During Rainy Weather. Your system’s watering schedule starts when it is already raining.  AAction Sprinkler Suggestions: A sensor automatically monitors weather conditions and efficiently signals the controller to turn the system off when it rains, saving water and saving you money. Technology has introduced weather sensitive controllers using satellites to predict the weather in order to respond instantly to present weather conditions, and it can do this remotely.

AAction Sprinkler Repair is up-to-date on all the new high tech irrigation methods in the sprinkler industry. Serving you in the best most efficient way possible.

We presently service homeowners in the following areas; Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Bay Hill, Dr Phillips, Gotha, Longwood, Maitland, Ocoee, Orlando, Windermere, Winter Garden, and Winter Park.


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