We Solve Your Sprinkler Repair Problems

AAction Sprinkler Repair has the answers to all your sprinkler repair problems. You have a sprinkler system. Your neighbor has a sprinkler system. Your brother has a sprinkler system. But no two landscapes are alike and no one has a sprinkler system exactly like yours. Their sprinkler repair problems are not the same as your sprinkler repair problems. We have been in the sprinkler business longer than any other in the Orlando area. With over 43 years experience in the business we have a lot of repair knowledge. And we only serve you, the homeowner! We do not do commercial jobs or HOAs. Therefore, the homeowner is our only priority! AAction Sprinkler has the most knowledge and is the best-trained with all types of sprinkler systems in central florida. Whatever sprinkler repair problems you encounter, you can be assured AAction Sprinkler Repair has an efficient, hassle-free solution.

PROBLEM: Watering Smaller Yards

Ssprinkler repair problemsmaller areas can be difficult to water. Often sprinklers end up watering sidewalks, driveways or spraying against the house or garage. AAction Sprinkler Suggestions: Water distribution should be the main issue. Align heads and implement ground watering.

PROBLEM: Variations in Sun Exposure

Over- or under-watering often results because not every part of your yard or garden requires the same amount of moisture due to exposure to the sun. AAction Sprinkler Suggestions: A professional redesign, reposition, and proper controller adjustment to eliminate these sprinkler repair problems.

PROBLEM: Corners, Odd Shapes, or Strips

Often it is hard to get complete and adequate coverage to these hard to reach areas, leaving some areas over-watered and others under-watered. AAction Sprinkler Suggestions: Change the angle of sprinkler heads, add a drip system, or add water controlled sprinkler heads.

PROBLEM: Sprinklers Turn On While It’s Raining

Your system’s watering schedule starts when it is already raining. AAction Sprinkler Suggestions: Install a sensor that automatically monitors weather conditions and efficiently signals the controller to turn the system off when it rains, thus saving water and saving you money. Technology has introduced weather sensitive controllers using satellites to predict the weather in order to respond instantly to present weather conditions, and it can do this remotely.

AAction Sprinkler is up-to-date on all the new high tech irrigation methods in the sprinkler industry. As a result, we serve you in the most efficient way possible.

We presently service homeowners in the following areas: Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Bay Hill, Dr Phillips, Gotha, Longwood, Maitland, Ocoee, Orlando, Windermere, Winter Garden, and Winter Park

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