Broken heads, defunct timers, cracked valves, chipped heads, split wires, or drainage issues? We do All Sprinkler Repairs.

All Sprinkler Repairs

“I need sprinkler repair now!”  I tried to fix the broken head and can’t.”  “My lawn man said he’d fix the valve but it’s still not right.”  “I’m too busy to dig in the ground.” “I cut a wire and I need it fixed.”  “I have dry spots in my yard.”  “My sprinkler system won’t turn off.”   “I thought I could fix the leaks, but I can’t.”  “My water pressure is low.”  “My house is getting wet.”  “My timer isn’t working.” We do all sprinkler repairs!


Stop NOW and either Call 407-774-6648 or fill out the Estimate Request form, either way you will get fast service!  “My water bill is way too high.”  “I think we need a shallow well.” “Can you repair my sprinkler system?”  “I can’t find my sprinkler heads.”  “We just bought this house and the sprinkler system needs fixed.”  all sprinkler repairsWe at AAction Sprinkler Repair hear these sprinkler problems, and more, everyday! All sprinkler repairs are our specialty!

We are in the Orlando area fixing, repairing and upgrading residential sprinkler systems every day.  As a result, we have been maintaining and repairing residential sprinkler systems for over 43 years.  We have over 25000 sprinkler system customers in Bay Hill, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Baldwin Park, Bay Hill, Dr. Phillips, Clermont, College Park, Gotha, Longwood, Maitland, Ocoee, Apopka, Windermere, Winter Garden, Winter Park  and other areas in Seminole, Orange and Lake counties.

The Way We Do It

We pride ourselves on staying organized and dependable with old time work ethics… We do what you want, when you want it, at a price that you agree upon.  Nice and easy.  Our sprinkler technicians receive training and with that training comes years of sprinkler repair experience.  Our techs are only there to repair and fix your sprinkler problems… Therefore, the techs will not sell and we are not paying them on commission.

We are a small company but we cover a lot of territory and have over 25,000 customers which, actually, gives us the distinction of the largest residential sprinkler repair company in the Orlando area. Our company does all sprinkler repairs while providing good service!

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