The weather in Orlando is getting hotter and dryer. Do you need a sprinkler repair?

OMGosh, it is HOT outside!  The weather here in Orlando is getting hotter and dryer every day.  Your shallow well will probably go dry again this year.  When that happens you have to hook up to the city water, hopefully you have a separate irrigation meter so you won’t pay the sewage fees for the water you use for your sprinkler system.  If you are lucky you live in an area that has reclaimed water.  With reclaimed water you pay a set monthly fee for all the water you use to sprinkle your plants, grass, and even wash your car! Another option is to have a deep well drilled.  A deep well is drilled and usually goes much deeper than a shallow well.  A deep well for a sprinkler system requires a pump in the ground and bladder tank.  The chances of a deep well going dry are very slim.Image result for deep well

If you don’t have a well and you get your irrigation water from the city or county… OUCH!  That is expensive and your water bill will be high.  In order to keep your lawn and plants green they must have water, your must sprinkle your lawn.  So your sprinkler system must be functioning properly.  A Action Sprinkler Repair has the training and knowledge to tune up your sprinkler system for optimum performance.

Sure, you can dig and dig and dig and maybe you will find the problem… then what?

Sure, you can dig and dig in the hot sun and you might find a bad valve… then what?

Sure, you can dig and dig and dig on your days off and you might find that leak… then what?

How is your back going to feel after all that digging?  Did the big store sell you the proper head?  Was the valve they sold you the right size?  Do you know how the correct amount of pressure to have in a sprinkler system?  Do you have the proper tools?  Do you have the education and knowledge to repair your sprinkler system?

Looking for ways to lower your water bill?  Our irrigation tech’s know how to adjust your sprinkler so it works properly.

If you want to take your free time and dig and dig and dig… well, you can do that.  But if you want to enjoy your free time you should use AAction Sprinkler Repair… we give you a  Sprinkler System Inspection. Don’t dig, dig, dig in this Orlando heat!  Use our sprinkler system inspection and use your FREE time wisely!

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