Drainage problem? A French Drain may be the answer.

French Drain - Soggy AreasA French drain is more than rocks and gravel.  AAction Sprinkler Repair is Central Florida’s expert in French drain install and revamps. Does your lawn have soggy areas? In the Orlando area it seems like our problems are either too much water or not enough water.  AAction Sprinkler has the answer for both of those issues.  A properly installed and maintained irrigation system will distribute the correct amount of water to your plants and yard all year round.  If there are problems with water seeping into your foundation and damaging your house, you may consider installing a French drain around the house. This is a big job. A French drain is an efficient answer to drainage issues if they are installed professionally. All the water falling from your roof would be instantly absorbed by the drain. You may even have an extension running along your driveway if needed.  Rain guttersFrench Drain - Mushrooms  also help to divert excessive water from the foundation of your home.

When our weather conditions change and we experience massive amounts of rain your sprinkler should do less watering.  Are you finding standing water between you and your neighbors house?  Are there puddles in your yard?  Is water seeping around the sidewalks and drive way?  With torrential rains most of the yards in Central Florida will become saturated and water will flood your yards.  Drainage is a huge problem when the rainy season arrives or when your sprinkler system isn’t calibrated. Our drainage professionals at AAction Sprinkler Repair know how to divert excess water so your yard will have proper drainage. There are various types of drainage

A professionally installed French drain can save you money and headaches.  In our heavy rains the water is never immediately absorbed by our ground. Rain can form a cover that will make the soil less absorbent. Sod roots reduce the soils absorption rate causing puddles to form. Be on the lookout for mushrooms in low lying areas of your yard.  This is a sure sign of drainage issues.

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