Is your lawn healthy? Free Sprinkler Repair Estimate.


Five things you need to have for a healthy lawn in the Orlando area
1. Sun
2. Ground temperature
3. Water
4. Fertilizer
5. AAction Sprinkler Repair. Get your FREE Inspection Now!

If your sprinkler system is installed, repaired, and maintained properly you are in great shape. Your lawn, plants, and flowers should be flourishing with little work from you. Just program your perfectly designed sprinkler system and go enjoy your life!

Yeah, right! Most homes in the Central Florida area have sprinkler systems that were installed by a home builder and almost 100% of those sprinkler systems were a “lowest bid” system with “low bid” landscaping. As your landscape changes so should your underground sprinkler system. If you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system you should have one.

If you have a broken head we can repair that. If you have an area that is not getting enough water AAction Sprinkler Repair can take care of that.

If your water bills are getting expensive we can help you with that. By the way we are Orlando’s shallow well specialist.

If you are watering areas that don’t need to watered, like the sidewalk, the street, the driveway, we can handle that.

If your pump isn’t working or making a strange noise we know how to fix that. We can repair any problem on any sprinkler system.

AAction Sprinkler Repair is in existence to help your life and your plants life to be stress free. All you need in order to have a healthy lawn is sunlight and water. Although we can’t control the sun, let’s face it, you live near Orlando, FL. When it comes to the water AAction Sprinkler Repair can control what goes on your lawn and when. It seems like there is always something strange and different going on with those sprinklers. That is why AAction Sprinkler Repair has been in business since 1972! We know sprinkler systems and they like us.

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