Drainage in Central Florida needs help…

Sprinkler leak or drainage problem?

Whether it is from a leak in your sprinkler system or from the sky, there is water, water everywhere.  Too much water is not a good thing.  You do not want that water to stand in your yard and to ruin your grass, plants, and possibly your home.  Standing water and/or too much water can cause damage to your grass.  Fungus will grow and mosquitoes will breed these are two of the most common problems caused by too much water.  This is why it is very important to keep you irrigation in tip top condition and on a proper watering cycle.  If your sprinkler system is running during these torrential rain falls you need a rain sensor.  Do you still have water ruining your landscape with washout and standing water?  This is when you need a drainage expert.  You need to know how to keep that water from puddling and to place or disperse the water most advantageously.   We have solved drainage and flooding problems for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Shell Oil, Department of Defense, apartment developments, playgrounds and more residential homes than we can count!  With over 43 years in the irrigation and residential sprinkler repair business we have the knowledge to handle your drainage problems and all of your irrigation repairs.  We are around the corner and are trained to handle all your water difficulties.

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